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Welcome to the Docs page!

You've found the Electronic press kit page! here you will find all of the documents you might require when looking to book Jamie for an event:

  • A biography which you can use for promotion on social media etc.

  •       A song list, which Can be slightly out of date as Jamie is always adding new songs!  

  • Some photos, so that you can make a poster for your event, and even a poster that Jamie already produced if you would like to download and print one directly from here! Feel free to click around!  

Documents for public use

Song List


promo photo
promo photo
promo photo
promo photo

Biography Copy and paste

Jamie has performed around the world, captivating audiences across Europe, Thailand, Australia, India, Brazil, Switzerland, and more. With a dynamic repertoire spanning from the 60's to the 2000's, and current hits, he can create a laid-back atmosphere,  or energise the crowd with a fun and lively show. Known for his engaging style, his melodic vocals add a unique touch to every performance, leaving a lasting impression.


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